Monday, September 28, 2009

23/9/2009 Tropical Spice Garden

After the photo shooting at Chew Jetty in the morning, I moved to the next venue for photo shooting - the Tropical Spice Garden in Teluk Bahang, Penang.

Tropical Spice Garden opens from 9 AM to 6 PM daily. The admission fees are divided into 2 categories - Self guided tour or guided tour. Self guided tour will cost RM14 for adult, RM5 for children or RM28 for family package which includes 2 adults and 3 children. While the guided tour will cost RM20 for adult, RM5 for children and RM 45 for family package.

When I arrived at the Tropical Spice Garden, I was greeted by a friendly receptionist. After paying the admission fees, the receptionist asked me whether I would like to purchase a copy of the map, which cost RM5. Though I turned down the offer, the receptionist has been kindly pointed me the directions of different trails, as there are 3 different trails in the garden - the Spice Trail, which has over 100 varieties of tropical spice and herbs plants; the Ornamental Trail, which has a huge collection of exotic flora; and the Jungle Trail, which has a showcase of ferns, wild orchids, palms and other significant jungle flora. After that, the receptionist offer me the mosquito repellent, which is made of lemon grass and some other herbs without any cost. After applied the repellent at the counter, I started my journey.

I first took the Jungle Trail, as I wanna take some photos of insects. While I was at the Jungle Trail, I was attacked by mosquitoes, I guess I have not applied enough mosquito repellent. So, later on, I would have to bear with the itchiness while photographing.

The Red Dragon Fly besides the pond which located near the entrance

A nymph of a Praying Mantis that I discovered at the same place

After a few photos taken at the pond, I moved on to the Jungle Trail.

A fat grasshopper in between the leaves, it was so steady that even I move the leaves closer to my lens, it didn't move at all

A withered fern at the Jungle Trail

A Chinese Hut with an antique Chinese door which was found in an antique shop in Teluk Bahang

The Chinese antique door, the wording on it is Health and Mountain, which means Longevity as the Nan Shan, a mountain in Hainan

A shining and hairy bug found in the Jungle Trail

An upside down fly

After spending nearly 2 hours at the Jungle Trail, I continue my photo shooting at the Spice Trail.

A hut with the globe at the Spice Trail

Some spice for display, from the top is Cinnamon, Star Anise and Lime

More spice, from the top: Lemon Grass, Ginger Buds which mostly use to cook curry and Ginger

An insect that's standing on the ginger

After the last photo, the sky turned dark and started to rain, so I rushed back to my car before the rain turns heavy, thus, that's the end of my visit to Tropical Spice Garden.


Siu KeOnG said...

tamron 90mm...really get poison laaaaaaaaaaaaa

Samuel said...

Lol, save for the lens lor, the price of the lens not so expensive only.

雪 莉 said...

Great photos!

Samuel said...

Thanks, 雪梨~ =D

sweynt said...

Hi Samuel,
Nice photo...may I know where is the Tropical Spice Garden?
Tamron 90mm's good 'weapon' for macro.You shooting in RAW?

Samuel said...

Hi, sweynt, thanks for the visit to the blog :).

The Tropical Spice Garden is located at Teluk Bahang, Penang. While on your way from Batu Ferringhi to Teluk Bahang, it's on your left, it's very easy to notice.

Yup, Tamron SP90 is really a good lens for macro, highly recommended by many for its sharpness, color and the price that's affordable.

Well, I shoot in RAW, while I just started photography, I shoot in JPEG, but after reading magazines and found out the advantages of RAW, RAW format is what I use now, so that whenever there's mistake made during shooting, at least I still able to rectify it.

Fidelis said...

i like your macro shooting...

Samuel said...

Fidelis, thanks, I am still learning on shooting macro :P.

Rhen Hwa said...

Nice shot!!! Frankly, Tamron 90mm macro also is my target, I wish to get it. After view your photos. I more confident to it!!!

Samuel said...

lol, thanks Rhen Hwa. Tamron SP90 is well known for its quality and the price, you won't regret to have one :)

Rhen Hwa said...

Guy, have you use any other accessory to take these photos?

Samuel said...

Rhen Hwa, other than the insect macro that I used a flash gun, the rest is just using either my Sigma 17-70 or Tamron SP90 with natural light.

Brian D. Hawkins said...

Fantastic close-ups. I especially like the spice bowl. Perfect eye for an unusual angle.

Samuel said...

Thanks, Brian. =D

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