Sunday, October 25, 2009

25/10/2009 Penang Hill

My brother-in-law asked me whether I'm willing to join him and a gang of photographers to go to Penang Hill for Sunrise photography, after a short consideration, I decided to go with him.

It was 5:20 in the morning, after I preparation and fetching up my brother-in-law, we reached the Penang Hill tram station at 6:10. When we go into tram, many photographers was already in the tram.

At 6:30, the tram started to depart. After spending 30 minutes in tram, we finally reached the peak of Penang Hill. Well, the weather doesn't seems good, as it was cloudy, but hey, photographers are not restricted by not so perfect weather, isn't it?

So after finding a spot and fixed the tripod, I started my Sunrise photography.

The Sun is rising

The Sun has rose and the light of the Sun turned the sea into gold color


After the Sunrise photography, I saw a monkey with its baby, so I just follow it in order to shoot the photo.

The mother is performing stunt with its baby

And there's a dog resting near me

After that, the big group just walked around and came to a fountain, and started to shoot the fountain.

Tried photograph water with slow shutter speed many time, so this time try to freeze the movement of the water

After spending some time at the fountain, we continue to move around and we came to a nice gate. As there's a No Entry sign outside the gate, so we just snap some photos outside the gate.

Top of the gate

Side of the gate

Part of the gate

Besides the gate, I found an interesting looking bug on a leave near the gate.

After this, me and my brother-in-law left the Penang Hill for breakfast. Though I'm very tired after the photo shooting session due to lack of sleep, but the results are satisfying.

Looking forward for shooting night scene of Penang at Penang Hill next time.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

3 Random Macro Shots

I have been busy for last week, thus, not manage to go out for some photo shooting. Anyway, as I went out with my friends to be their tour guide in Penang, I managed to snapped some macro shots which are shown below.

The fly was found in Botanical Garden, Penang.

A flower found on Penang Hill, Penang.

Another flower macro shot which was found on Penang Hill, Penang.

Monday, October 12, 2009

11/10/2009 Photo Shooting in Botanical Garden with 90mm

I went to Botanical Garden last Sunday as I wanted to capture some Macro photos. As I reached my destination, I changed my lens to Tamron SP90mm Macro, even though I brought the Sigma 17-70mm along with me, I tried to limit myself with just the Macro lens.

After spending 2 hours plus in the Botanical Garden, I manged to capture some photos shown below, though the result is not so satisfying as some macro shot like the spider won't stand still and I can't get too close to it, as it keeps moving away from me. Well, I guess I still have much to learn in Macro Photography.

An unsatisfying shot of the spider

This shiny bug was so shy that I can't approach it too close, as it keeps fly away whenever I get too close

Well, I guess I still have to learn to be a better stalker in approaching insects so that I will not scare them away.

Other than some macro shots, I also used the Tamron SP90 to capture some scenery.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

04/10/2009 Church Street Ghaut

Some photos taken at Church Street Ghaut, Georgetown, Penang on yesterday. The main theme of the photos is dereliction or known as abandoned buildings. I have tried to captured the photos in black and white and increased the contrast in order to bring out the details, and at the same time add in some mood for the photos. The outcome is what I had expected, and it's just nice to me.

What's behind the gate?

The original look of the building using 35mm (which is 50mm equivalent on full frame)

The building became distorted at 17mm (25mm equivalent on full frame), adding some mood to the photo