Monday, October 12, 2009

11/10/2009 Photo Shooting in Botanical Garden with 90mm

I went to Botanical Garden last Sunday as I wanted to capture some Macro photos. As I reached my destination, I changed my lens to Tamron SP90mm Macro, even though I brought the Sigma 17-70mm along with me, I tried to limit myself with just the Macro lens.

After spending 2 hours plus in the Botanical Garden, I manged to capture some photos shown below, though the result is not so satisfying as some macro shot like the spider won't stand still and I can't get too close to it, as it keeps moving away from me. Well, I guess I still have much to learn in Macro Photography.

An unsatisfying shot of the spider

This shiny bug was so shy that I can't approach it too close, as it keeps fly away whenever I get too close

Well, I guess I still have to learn to be a better stalker in approaching insects so that I will not scare them away.

Other than some macro shots, I also used the Tamron SP90 to capture some scenery.


Kah Heng said...

I love the spider shot. it has an artistic feel. Good job!

Samuel said...

Thanks, KH. Actually the spider shot, I cropped a lot, so I actually lost a lot of details since I can't go too close to the spider. :(

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