Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09/09/2009 Penang International Airport

After work today, I went to Batu Maung, where the end of the Penang International Airport is located, for some photo shooting. The weather was dull, as there was some haze and quite cloudy, so end up some of the photos was kinda dull, so I just adjust the color before I post up the photos. Not many photos was taken, and only a few are nice, and I just picked three to post, as I feel that these are the best shots for me.

Firefly, I wonder will the tail of the fleet glow in the dark?

Now Everyone Can Fly, I wish I can fly now

The cargo fleet is ready to take off


sweynt said...

Hi Samuel,
May I know is there any places that can capture nice view of aeroplane landing or take off?

Samuel said...

Hi, Sweynt, i only know the landing spot. To go to the landing spot, you just have to go straight from the coastal highway to Motorolla, and keep going until you come to a traffic light junction at Batu Maung. At the traffic light junction, go straight all the way, then you will see the airway is on your right later on. If you're lucky enough, sometimes flight might be take off from that direction as well.

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