Monday, September 21, 2009

21/9/2009 National Park, Teluk Bahang

It was holiday yesterday and the weather was fine in the morning, that's the sign for photo shooting. So, after I packed my camera and accessories, I just fetched my brother-in-law and depart to our destination - National Park of Penang.

This was my second time there within this month. Some additional information regarding National Park of Penang, it was located at Teluk Bahang, North of Penang Island, and it's second in size to National Park (which spans across 3 states - Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang) within Peninsular Malaysia which only occupy 1,266 hectares of land. It's consists of hill dipterocarps, mangroves, beaches and rocky shores. There are several places of interest within the National Park like Monkey Beach, the Light House in Muka Head, Turtle Hatchery Center in Pantai Kerachut, Meromictic Lake and etc.

Me and my brother-in-law had been to Pantai Kerachut 2 weeks ago and we were so exhausted for the hiking, so we both decided to go for an easier trail this time by picking the trail to Monkey Beach, though we didn't reach Monkey Beach, but we enjoyed the trip as we spent more time on shooting photos than jungle tracking.

The cloud formation was so interesting

Blue sky and sea with white clouds, I like the weather like this


雪 莉 said...

Very nice photos...I especially like the one with the unique cloud formation.

Samuel said...

Thanks, it's my favorite picture as well :P

0101 said... as well...the cloud formation was fantastic....

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