Monday, September 7, 2009

07/09/2009 Butterfly Farm

It was holiday yesterday, as I don't want to waste the day, so I decided to go to the Butterfly Farm for some photo shooting, and to test on my macro lens at the same time as well.

Butterfly Farm is located at Teluk Bahang, north of Penang Island, which is just further North from Batu Ferringhi. The Butterfly Farm was established in 1986, by Mr David Goh. Though it has been there for 23 years, yet I never visit it for all this time, firstly, I am kinda lazy to go all the way to there; Secondly, before I had my camera, I don't really interested of going places with lots of people. So, due to these two factors, I have never been there before. But after I got my macro lens, I decided to visit it, so that I can have some macro photo shooting session.

I was there yesterday at around 10 something in the morning, since the business hour starts at 9:00. As I read some magazines, the pro recommended to shoot the butterflies at the morning, when the air is still cool, so that the butterflies are idle. 10 something was not early, but thankfully, I still managed to captured some butterflies that are idle, and I am glad that the butterflies in the Butterfly Farm are not so shy. =P

Besides butterflies, there are also other things to see, like other insects, amphibians, reptiles and birds. The only disappointing thing is that, the species of the butterflies are not much, maybe the others are hidden somewhere I didn't explore. Anyway, I do hope that the next time I be there, there'll be more specimens to be snap.


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