Monday, February 8, 2010

30/01/2010 Some Random Shots

30/01/2010 was the day of Thaipusam, the celebration of the Indian gods. At first, I have planned to go for event shots. But after much considerations and my friends' decisions, we decided not to go for the Thaipusam event photography, firstly is due to too crowded; secondly is the traffic congestion. In the end, we have traveled around Balik Pulau and Kek Lok Si for some random shots.

Unfortunately, there was nothing that interested me, so I only managed to get 3 shots. 2 of the shots are the sunrise at Penang Bridge, which I took before I met up with my friends. While one more is a statue that I saw in Kek Lok Si which contrast with the vivid blue sky.



A statue in Kek Lok Si that contrast with the blue sky

Though I didn't get much photos, yet, it's kinda glad to hang out with my friends. And in the end, we have went for some nice Laksa and Chicken Rice. Afterall, it still worth my time. =P


Grace said...

like the 1st pic..

Samuel said...

Grace: 几时我们一起去拍照?

Grace said...


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