Saturday, February 20, 2010

13/02/2010 - Yunnan, The Province of Mountains, Part 1

It's one day before Chinese New Year, I was waiting for the flight to Kunming (capital of Yunnan) with my family in Penang International Airport. Every year, me and family will be in Penang during Chinese New Year, to visit relatives and rest; but this year was the first time that me and my family went to travel during Chinese New Year and this is also my first time to go to China.

We reached airport around 11:00 am, while the flight will be arrived at 3:00 pm, so I spent 4 hours in the airport, luckily I have my magazines and MP3 player with me.

2 something, our tour guide arrived at the airport, after helping us to check in the luggage and taken our flight ticket, we just gathered with some other people who joined the tour to listen to the instructions of the tour guide. The tour guide's name is June, after some simple self introduction and brief instruction, we just headed to the boarding hall to wait for boarding.

The flight arrived on time, after all the passengers are on the flight, the flight is ready to take off. From Penang to Kunming takes around 3 hours plus, so I just slept after the flight take off.

After 3 hours plus, around 7 something, the flight reached Kunming and ready to land. Due to Kunming is in windy season, so the flight takes longer time to land.

After landed on the Kunming International Airport, we met up with another local tour guide over there - Jacky. After reclaimed our luggage, Jacky brought us head to our tour bus. Once step out from the airport, I can feel the coldness of the wind that blew towards me. It's around 16°-17°C, yet thankfully to the fat that stored on my body, I am able to withstand it without a jacket yet.

The first destination that Jacky brought us to was a restaurant. The name of the restaurant has been forgotten, I just snapped some photos of the dishes during the dinner.

there are 3 kinds of pork, though i forgot the name of the dish

Fish rice noodles, it's freshwater fish because there's no sea in Yunnan but there's numbers of lakes in Yunnan. The different of freshwater fish and saltwater fish is that, freshwater fish has more bones than saltwater fish

Dragon fruit prawns


Chicken, but have forgotten the name of the dish as well


Pork with Mei Cai (梅菜), Chinese marinated veges, with Man Tou (馒头). The pork was so tender, once put in the mouth, the fat melted by itself, thumbs up!

I think it's Gou Bu Li Bao Zi(狗不理包子), bun with pork filling

This is kinda special dish, it looks like pea, in fact, it's some kind of shell with Salted Egg yolk filling. High cholesterol food though it's nice to eat.

Chicken with Jiao Zi (饺子), the soup is kinda oily. I guess the people there will have to take oily food to keep them warm

It's Chu Xi (除夕), the day where family will be having reunion dinner together. Since the employees can't make it back home, so they are having dinner together as well, so I just snapped a photo of their dishes before the gather together for dinner

After dinner, we headed back to our hotel to rest. There's nothing much to see outside the hotel, other than a river known as Pan Long Jiang (盘龙江) outside the hotel, there's nothing more. So I just snapped some nightscape of the Pan Long Jiang before I went back to my room to rest.

The city was bustling with fireworks due to Chinese New Year

Another side of the Pan Long Jiang

After some photo shooting, I just went back to my room for a bath and went to bed.


christina tan said...

Hi, i tot "gou bu li bao zhi" is Tianjin famous food. Isn't it?

Siu KeOnG said...

finally got photo :)

Samuel said...

Christina: ya, it's from Tianjin, maybe the restaurant provides Tianjin food as well. =P

Siu Keong: Yeah, more to come. =D

Anonymous said...

Dragon fruit prawns looks tasty!!
go travel so good~ nice scene, nice food~~


Samuel said...

Grace: Ya, it's nice to see others' culture and the world they live in. Every journey helped us to learn many things.

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