Thursday, February 11, 2010

07/02/2010 Kek Lok Si - Display of Lights

Kek Lok Si is a Chinese temple that located at Air Itam. Every year during Chinese New Year, it will held an event known as Display of Lights; approximately 230,000 light bulbs and 10,000 lanterns will be lighted up every night for 33 days. This year the Display of Lights is starting from 7/2 untill 14/3.

Kek Lok Si 01
This time the ceremony started too early, though there is fireworks display, but due to the brightness of the sky, I was unable to capture the fireworks display.

Kek Lok Si 02
Hundred thousands of light bulbs

Kek Lok Si 05
And ten thousands of lanterns

Kek Lok Si 03

Kek Lok Si 04

Kek Lok Si 06
The landmark of Kek Lok Si, the pagoda

Kek Lok Si 07
More lanterns

Kek Lok Si 08
And more lanterns

Kek Lok Si 09
And more lanterns....

Kek Lok Si 10
Panoramic shot of Kek Lok Si which consists of 8 photos


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