Friday, February 5, 2010

04/02/2010 New External Hard Disk

Recently my hard disks spaces have decrease tremendously due to the photos that stored in the hard disk are large in size. So, before my hard disks run out of space, I decided to get an 3.5" External Hard Disk. After some survey on the web, Buffalo DriveStation 1TB is my choice, though I have been considering about Western Digital My Book Essential 1TB for all this time, but the price of the Buffalo DriveStation seems to be cheaper (I bought it at RM 329); plus, the reviews on the Buffalo DriveStation are not bad.

In fact, the Buffalo DriveStation doesn't offer the actual 1TB, as this is normal, as some space in our hard disk is inaccessible, so what I have in actual is 931GB. The amount of the disk space is still huge for me, I guess I can still save many thousands of RAW images in it.

The hard disk comes with 3 years warranty, which I am really please with.

One special features of the DriveStation is known as Turbo USB, which is a software that can help to boost up the read/write speed of the hard disk with USB 2.0. Though the speed don't seems to increase much (according to the reviews from the Web), but it's better than nothing.

Below are the two images that I snap for my DriveStation.




Siu KeOnG said...

your hard disk is so thin...

Samuel said...

Thin meh? Still not the portable type like the 2.5" EHDD.

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