Sunday, June 14, 2009

13/6/2009 Nibong Tebal Dinner

After the Auto City Carnival, me and my friends went to Nibong Tebal for dinner, as one of my friend recommended the food over there is cheap and nice, so all of us just decided to go there for dinner.

9 of us ordered one very large bowl of Crab Porridge, one large bowl of Tomyam Seafood Bee Hoon, two large bowls of Seafood Koay Teow Soup and two plates of Octopus, costs us RM12.30 per pax, which means 9 of us including drinks, eat until nearly vomit, only costs us RM111, that's kinda cheap for me.

Octopus with sauce

Seafood Tomyam Bee Hoon

Crab Porridge


0101 said...

i wan octopus, i wan crab porridge!!!! i wan tomyam...i wan!!!

Samuel said...

Me not greedy, i want the octopus only.

0101 said...

i wonder y, the octopus v cook at our own house lembik-lembik 1 cannot as nice as thier cook?? stove issue?? y ler???

Anonymous said...

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