Monday, August 31, 2009

31/8/2009 National Park Penang to Pantai Kerachut

I always wanted to revisit Pantai Kerachut again, as the last time I was there was 6 years ago and many has changed since then. First, the entrance has been renovated, there's now a visitor centre. Secondly, a jetty is there, which allows visitors to take boats to destination like Muka Head, Pantai Kerachut and so on easier. Thirdly, some part of the walkway was renovated. Fourth, many new points of interest was added, and one that intrigues me the most is the Turtle Rehabitation Center which is located at Pantai Kerachut.

So, I departed at 2:00 PM with my brother-in-law, who's also a enthusiast photographer. Two of us, having camera and lens and accessories in a bag which is almost 5KG each to go for the hiking. Before we went to National Park, I have went to grab my Tamron SP90mm f/2.8, which is just the right time for me to use it during my adventurous exploration on the way to Pantai Kerachut through the rain forest.

So, after registered at the visitor center and got our permit, we headed to the walk way and starts our journey. We hike and snap as we heading to Pantai Kerachut, which is 2.9KM away. First, the journey was quite ok, but as we went deeper into the forest, we're getting tired and also some of the path was slippery due to raining season and our improper foot wear - slipper.

After spending around 2 hours hiking and snapping, finally we reached our destination - Pantai Kerachut. But we only found out that, there are no sea turtle to see as it's not the season. Worst still, there are no boats from Pantai Kerachut back to the visitor center's jetty, as the wave is quite strong today. So, we just snapped a few photos over there, and leave as early as possible, else we will have to get through the forest in darkness.

With fatigued body and legs, plus the burden of 5KG that we're carrying each, we travel through the forest without much words. Anyway, we managed to get out of the forest within an hour before the sky turns dark, and we can complete the journey sound and safe, thanks God for that.

Anyway, it's a memorable journey, and I wanna thanks my brother-in-law, if without him, I would have to travel all by myself.

Below are some photos taken during the trip with Sigma AF17-70mm and my new Tamron SP90mm Di Macro.


0101 said...

nice nice....need 2 hrs a?? mayb u n ur BIL alwz stop n shoot photo bcome my tour guide!!!!!yeah~~!!!

Samuel said...

I only managed to go to Pantai Kerachut, there're more in National Park, like the Canopy walk, light house in Muka Head, Monkey Beach, all haven't go.

RyE - Just Rye said...

Congrats on your new Tamron 90mm Macro T_T ... That's my dream lens as you know ;D

Samuel said...

You will have it one day :)

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