Monday, August 3, 2009

22/7/2009 Nautilus Bay

I have taken some photos last week at my place during sunset. This was the first time I taken image in raw, as I have learned it from the magazine - Practical Photography, which encourages RAW photography, the photos quality are better and enables better post-processing.

Besides, I also change from Photobucket to Flickr, as Photobucket degrades the photo quality when upload, while Flickr is more better in preserving the quality. Though the size of the photo is smaller but it's good enough for online sharing.

This is my favorite photo, the silhouette of the plants and the color of the sky, is a perfect match

Testing on the macro function of the lens

The sunset will never be perfect without clouds, the clouds look like a canopy in the sky

The 4 pillars taken at evening


Siu KeOnG said...

hehe...i like the 3rd photo :) Penang cloud very nice ohhh..:P

I no photoshop at my laptop , cannot open raw file, any other option?

Samuel said...

Your camera should come with the software to open your raw file, do you have it? I thin is call View NX or watever, specially for Nikon RAW file. Maybe you can try IrfranView, but I am not sure whether it can open the file or not, you can try though.

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