Thursday, August 27, 2009

28/8/2009 Smoke Trail vs Light Trail

It has been raining since last week, raining, raining and guess what? RAINING!

Though I like the cool atmosphere after the rain, yet I was unable to go out for photo shooting as my camera is not environmental seal nor it is waterproof.

So I decided to play with smoke and light at home. While this is my second time for smoke trail photography, this is also my first time for light trail photography.

Now, some light trail photos.

I have a good time for shooting these stuff, but after the fun, I now suffering the smell of the smoke again.


01 said...

u do inside ur room again??? u no scare suffocate a???haha!!!

Samuel said...

suffered the whole night of the smoke...... but the end result, worth the try.

Siu KeOnG said...

i wish try some new thing smoke here...lizard got alots only...thanks for the sharing....i will try when i go back malaysia

Samuel said...

Lizard, take photos of lizards :P

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