Sunday, April 19, 2009

My thoughts on PIKOM PC Fair 2009 Penang

Yesterday night, me, my friend and his girl friend went to PIKOM PC Fair (as usual, I became light bulb again). At first, I was thinking to go there to get a laptop cooling pad for my another friend, since she can't make it to the fair.

We arrived there at 7:10 PM, and we have spent 10 minutes++ just to find a parking. And fortunately enough, we managed to find a parking which fit for a Kenari at the multi-storey parking.

Heading towards the entrance, all I saw was people, people and more people. The nightmare begins after we entered PISA. Inside PISA, it was crowded with people, and three of us was stuck and we're unable to move, don't even talk about go to the stalls and look for a cooling pad.

This is how it's like at the corridor of PISA.

After we traveled one round by squeeze ourselves out from the people, we went into the arena, and guess what, this is the situation.
taken and edited from National Geographic's photo

Anyway, we did saw many things in PC fair, in cheap price, yet have no ideas regarding the quality, that's why I still prefer to go to the shop to grabs my gadgets if I want them rather than buying them in the PC fair as there are few concerns.


stRawberry cafe said...

yaya.... i agree with you Sam.
Entering PISA is like squeezing in the sardine can.... ~_~

Kah Heng said...

Economy down-turn? somemore still got billions of ppl go shopping? strange strange world

Samuel said...

stRawberry: You manage to buy anything?

Kah Heng: just because it's economic downturn, so the people go to PC fair to search for cheap stuff. But I don't think the stuff are much cheaper than normal.

Grace said...

i went there on friday afternoon.. is also quite alot of ppl.. but i think is not really really crowded lo~ mayb coz of 1st day and is afternoon. actually think to get a 8G pendrive.. but the price is raise! las PC fair price is Rm45.. this time RM51 = ="

Samuel said...

Hmmmm, is this the sign that the economy is getting better? XD

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