Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dinner at Kim Gary Gurney

It has been quite sometimes since I last visited Kim Gary, in my mind, it was like decades ago (though Kim Gary just started business for 4-5 years).

Today, me and my parents plus my sister, my brother-in-law and my cute little nephew went to Kim Gary at Gurney. As usual, it was packed with people, but fortunately, we arrived there quite early, so we managed to get our seats once we arrived.

Look at the menu, there are many new dishes, and the order forms have been increased as well, I was kinda confuse when I first got the order form, but adapted to this multiple forms after a while.

Well, after looking through the menu, I decided to order what I used to ate, "Lotus Leaf Pork Chop Cheese Baked Rice" (that's a long name, as I directly translated it from Chinese :P) in Red Sauce together with an appetizer, a drink and a dessert.

After a while, my dinner was served :D.

My Appetizer - Borscht

My Ala Carte - Lotus Leaf Pork Chop Cheese Baked Rice

My Dessert - White Pudding with Coconut Sugar and some Red Beans

My Drink - Iced Lemon Coke

The food is quite satisfying, not as bad as I expected, though the price is pricey, but that was expected :P. Well, treated by my brother-in-law, what else to complain? Anyway, Thanks a lot to my brother-in-law :D.


Siu KeOnG said...

nice shoot bro

Samuel said...

Thanks :D. Editing plays important role XD

Maylin said...

Very nice pics Gorko!! Can open your own food blog di! :D

Eh, how do you find the food there? Nice ar? Last time KH and I tried their cheese baked rice but it wasnt very nice... dunno they got improve it already or not!

Samuel said...

For me is not bad lar, though it actually not worth that price :P.

Kah Heng said...

Yah nicely exposed this series. But i have my doubt with food at Kim Gary

Kah Heng said...

Looks like u don't need prime lense also. the bokeh chun also!

Samuel said...

*whisper, this is the power of image editing XD

Grace said...

nice pic wor~ u really fully utilize your camera liao.. i must take out mine and shoot more photo! hehe

Samuel said...

lol, thanks for your comment. In fact I am still learning, and I think shooting on food is easier compare to landscape, portrait and etc.

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