Sunday, March 29, 2009

That's expensive.....

Last Sat I went to Queensbay for lunch, and after shopping with 2 friends of mine, I went to a camera shop to look for the price of Nikon D90. The price is RM4299, well, that's actually kinda expensive, but at least it's cheaper than I expected, because I expect it to be RM4500.

But guess what, I saw that the shop accepts payment by installments, and is up to 24 months. Wow! good news for me, RM244 per month, affordable, YES~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But after some math calculation, where:

244 X 24 = RM5856

RM5856 - RM4299 = RM1557

RM1577 additional charges?????!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, with RM1557, I can go for another compact DC.


Just let it be, maybe next time....


01~~~ said... like tat la...if not u think they wil so kind to let u hv installment without any interest??
4299...i oso feel u feel tat u really need the DSLR??? if not, i think no need waste $$ lo. dun forget, u only interest, but not profesional...bring tat big DSLR+tripod+lenses go a burden. tat is wat i can c tru my cousin!!
jz think twice!!

Samuel said...

Maybe a new compact DC will be the solution for my current compact DC which have no Image Stabilizer.

Actually after you have a DSLR, then only you can learn to be a pro photographer, because DSLR offers lots of pro features that compact DC lack of.

Again, I gonna say - Maybe Next Time~ to my DSLR.

01 said... doubt DSLR got a lot of function tat u can play n xplore. but as long as u really interest, not hangat-hangat tahi ayam like ur WII...then is ok to buy it!!! time v wil hv profesional photographer~~!!!

Samuel said...

then you will have to wait, lol, now is not the time to buy yet

Kah Heng said...


Don't be conned. The price for D90 kit can get at RM3950. Installment also is plus 6%. Even if 15% for 3yrs one also not as expensive as what was quoted for u. Make sure u dun simply buy

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