Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Computer threat on April's Fool

11:00 PM, Wednesday, 31/3/2009, my department head gave me and emergency call and asked me to go back to the office, to help to update the Windows patches in order to prevent the coming threat, Conficker worm.

So what's this worm about? Well, according to Computer World, the Conficker.C will establish a link to the command-and-control servers with a new communication scheme, I guess that means it will open a back door that allows hackers to access the infected PC. But good news for users who are not using Windows OS, as the worm will only attack on PCs running Windows XP and Vista (good job, Microsoft!).

Below is how does the Conficker Worm works.

For those who are using Windows XP Service Pack 2, here is the link to download the patch:

For those who are using Windows Vista, here is the link to download the patch:

For more information on Conficker:

Well, lets just hope that this is just another April Fool's joke and that it won't cause any chaos.


Kah Heng said...

Thanks man, Good info! Real IT guy har

Samuel said...

Because I kena called back to OT yesterday, so must share out, to prevent people's PC from infected by the worm.

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