Monday, March 30, 2009


Last Saturday, as usual, me and my colleagues are discussing where to have our lunch and as usual, the common answer I got is Bukit Jambul's "Pan Mee" and Sakae Sushi (I am sick of Sakae Sushi, I have been there at least 3 times within 2 weeks, so as Pan Mee, which we almost go on every Saturday.) So, instead of go to either of these places, I made the final decision - Canton-i in Queensbay.

Canton-i is located at the ground floor of Queensbay Mall, opposite of Starbucks (not exactly opposite though).

The decoration of the shop is not bad, and without hesitation I walked into the shop with my colleagues. Reading through the menu, only found out that, Canton-i is under the group of Dragon-i, so price is expected more or less the same as Dragon-i. Food in the menu are mostly noodles and porridge, as the Chinese name for Canton-i is interpret as Hong Kong House of Porridge and Noodles.

After much consideration, I decided to order the Wantan Mee with 2 side dishes, where I can choose the side dishes of my liking. So I chosen "Char Siu" and Mushroom as my side dishes and a cup of nice looking flower tea as my lunch.

After submitted my order, the waitress come back to me, and told me that, Char Siu is out of stock. Well, without Char Siu, I forced to choose Roasted Pork. A minute later, the waitress came back to me again, this time, she's telling me that Mushroom also out of stock temporary. Arghhh, it's just not my day, whatever I wanna order are out of stock...... Without much choices, I chose Dumpling as my second dish.

Lunch was served within 15 minutes, since there are not too many customers. First impression on my noodles - normal, so are the side dishes. How bout the taste? Well, honestly I would rate it 7 out of 10, as it's not really so special and the food doesn't made me fly to the sky, so it's just moderate. How bout the price? I would say it's kinda expensive for just a plate of noodles, 2 dumplings and 6 pieces of Roasted Pork, and it cost me RM14++, and the nice looking flower tea cost me RM5, excluded tax.

In conclusion, if you have too much money and have no place to spend, you're welcome to Canton-i.

For me, I would prefer to go to the hawker stall for Wantan Noodles.

PS: no photos included, as I didn't bring along my DC with me :P


Eunice said...

aiyo...Canton-i is one of my favorite restorant and i visited the most in One-Utama, hehee.. yup, their price is highly expensive but i usually order rice, it is quite tasty and i love their Tan Tatt so much! yummy yummy~ ^_^

Samuel said...

Hmm, so far I haven't try their Egg Tart, but the first impression was spoilt, so don't think I will go again. :P

Kah Heng said...

Wow, kau giak kui! those dishes, i rather go Max (opposite QBM) and eat. Cheaper and i think more tasty.

Samuel said...

Cheaper - Yeah
Tastier - Might be

Well, I also prefer to Max Gourment, or if I wanna eat BBQ pork or roasted pork, Jalan Tengah will do :P

Maylin said...

RM5 for flower tea... -___-|||

With that price and since you say that the taste aint that great, i rather go back to Dragon-i, at least the noodles there is fantastic! :D

Samuel said...

Dragon-i, Canton-i, all under the same company, but I also prefer Dragon-i if to go to place with this price. Wondering will they come out with i-Pot someday or not?

Kah Heng said...

Got, the noodle inside square square n got button can play music. Rm2k per bowl, ai boh?

Samuel said...

I will save that money and go for D90 XD

Grace said...

但是egg tart好吃

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