Monday, April 30, 2012

01/05/2012 Starry Starry Night

I walked out from the office at the evening and found that the weather was clear where the stars can be seen clearly, I was so tempted to try to take the milky way after seeing so many photos regarding it.

I waited until 11:30 PM and departed to Gertak Sanggul, which is a rural area far from city. When I arrived at the designated spot, I was so excited seeing so many stars were visible on the sky. After setting up my gear, I started my milky way photography.

Unfortunately, due to the moon and some clouds, so I have no luck of capturing the mesmerizing milky way. Nevertheless, I am still impressed with the stars in the sky and I was astonished by the creation of God once more.

Starry night Starry night in monotone


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