Saturday, November 20, 2010

11/11/2010 Hong Kong 6D5N Free and Easy Tour - Day 1

Just back from Hong Kong 4 days ago. Honestly, Hong Kong was never in my list, as Hong Kong is just a city to me, no different from Kuala Lumpur, and I actually prefer places with natural scenery or historical sites like NZ, Australia, Europe and so on. But after the trip, I have changed my mind, it's really not so bad to have a trip in Hong Kong, I like the food there, I like the language there, I like the transportation there.

This is the first time to travel with my sis, bro-in-law and nephew to overseas (second time with my dad), so it's a memorable one.

We departed from Penang on 11/11/2010, Thurs, afternoon with Air Asia. We reached Hong Kong around 8 something. From Hong Kong Airport to the hotel we stayed (The Cityview Hong Kong, located in Kowloon) was very convenient and it's free.

After we checked in and dropped our luggage, we went to the restaurant just opposite our hotel for dinner.

On our way from Airport to the Bus Station with the Express train

Bus station, waiting for bus to The Cityview

After we dropped our luggage, we went to the restaurant opposite for dinner. The restaurant sells Noodles and Porridge

Lettuce with Oyster sauce

My porridge with Fish balls and Meat balls (lots of them)

watercress with honey

Milk tea

Fried fishcake, I like this

Outside of the restaurant

Walking around after dinner, there's a MRT station near to our hotel

Not to mention there's two convenient stores nearby as well, selling varieties of food and drinks

After buying some drinks from the convenient store, we headed back to the hotel and rest to prepare for the journey tomorrow.


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