Tuesday, August 24, 2010

24/8/2010 Sony New DSLR + DSLT

Today is an exciting day as Sony has announced 2 new DSLR - A560/A580 and 2 new DSLT - A33/A55.

A560 and A580 should be the new replacement for the existing A500 and A550, both using the new Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor where A580 equipped with the all new 16.2 megapixels Exmor APS HD sensor while the A560 is equipped with the 14.2 megapixels Exmor APS HD sensor which is currently use by the Sony NEX series camera.

The major upgrades for the 2 cameras are:

1) New sensor - Exmor APS HD CMOS Sensor
2) New 15 points phase-detection AF system
3) Full HD Video Recording
4) Advanced imaging functions: 3D sweep panorama, Auto HDR and Multi Frame Noise
5) Simplified Shooting modes on the dial - Auto, P, A, S, M, Sweep Panorama, Scenes
6) Depth of Field preview button added

For details specs of the cameras, please visit: http://www.dpreview.com/news/1008/10082419sonya580a560.asp

Some photos of A560 (from dpreview: http://dpreview.com/news/1008/10082419sonya580a560.asp)

The small round button beneath the lens mount is the DOF button

Simplied mode dial

While for the Sony A33 and A55 are the new camera known as DSLT, which stands for Digital Single Lens Translucent. For DSLR, when the light hit the mirror in front of the sensor, the light will be direct to the Optical View Finder. When the shutter button is pressed, the mirror will be leave up in order for the light to reach the sensor. While for the A33/A55, the mirror is a Translucent mirror, where 70% of the light will direct pass through the mirror to reach the sensor, while 30% of the light will be reflect to the AF system on the top, thus, the mirror will not move while the shutter has been press.

Due to only 30% of light will reach the AF system, so Optical View Finder will not be the optimum solution, thus, OVF has been replaced with the new 1.15 million dots EVF. With EVF combined with the translucent mirror, there'll be no black out during the exposure.

Besides, phase-detection AF is enable during video recording which is quicker compare to contrast-detection AF.

Also, with the Translucent mirror, the new Sony A55 can burst up to 10fps, where it's only possible with the high end pro DSLR like the Canon 1Ds or the Nikon D3S.

Sony A55 - key specifications

* 16.2MP (effective) APS HD CMOS sensor
* Fixed, pellicle-type semi-translucent mirror
* Maximum ISO 12,800 (with a quasi-ISO 25,600 'Multi-frame NR' option)
* 15-point phase-detection AF array with 3 cross-type AF points
* Electronic viewfinder with 1.44 million dot resolution (1.15M dots used)
* Built-in GPS
* Electronic level in EVF/LCD with pitch/roll indicator
* Dual-purpose Memory Stick/SD card slot
* 10fps continuous shooting rate
* 1080p AVCHD movie mode with continuous AF
* Articulated 3in 'TruBlack' LCD with 912k dots
* socket for external microphone
* 2x magnification mode in live view
* Face-detection AF (focus via nearest phase-detection AF point)

For general specs of A33/A55, please visit: http://dpreview.com/news/1008/10082421sonyslta55a33.asp

For the Review of A55, please visit: http://dpreview.com/reviews/sonyslta55/

Some pictures of the A33/A55 (from http://dpreview.com/news/1008/10082421sonyslta55a33.asp):

The Translucent Mirror in front of the sensor, can see the sensor directly through the mirror

The DOF preview button beneath the lens mount

A55 comes with built-in GPS that allows geo tag for the photos

Awesome tilt and swivel 3 inches 921k dots TruBlack LCD

The 10fps burst sound of the A55

The advertisement of A33/A55

A55 looks very promising, and now I am looking forward for the upcoming Pro model, which is the A700 replacement, hope that Sony can again surprise us when it's out.


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