Monday, June 7, 2010

05/06/2010 Kedah Day Tour

Last Sat, I have went to Kedah for day tour with some friends. We didn't visit many places, just Lye Huat Garden, Paddy Museum and Sains Museum. Not many photos was taken though throughout the trip.

First place that we had visited was Lye Huat Garden.

"Lye Huat Garden is a recreational park in Kubang Pasu District, Kedah. It comprises a man-made lake, a miniature landscaped garden, and a terra cotta garden. Visitors also get to enjoy the koi carps in the lake, and view its collection of ceramic figurines.

Lye Huat Garden was founded by Dato Lim Lye Huat in 2002. It was originally called Lye Huat Stone Art Gallery when it was first built in 1994. Dato Lim built it for his personal enjoyment. However, through the suggestion of friends, he decided ton open it to the public. In addition to being a tourist attraction in northern Kedah, Lye Huat Garden was also a venue for several national competitions including the National Flower, Hornfish, Bonsai and Suiseki Competition launched by the then prime minister, Mahathir Mohamad, in 2002. In 2004, the International Bonsai and Suiseki Competition was held here, and officiated by the Sultan of Kedah." (

Terracotta Army Replica (兵马俑仿制品)

Terracotta Army Replica(兵马俑仿制品)

Terracotta Army Replica(兵马俑仿制品)

Black Swans

Some deers in the Lye Huat Garden

Asian Tiger as well

There're many birds in the garden as well. The pigeon looks like it wanna be free from the cage

Bird that looks like a turkey, but much bigger in size

There're variety of parrots in the garden as well

Some fancy bird with fancy hair


A doorway to a garden

Some antique bicycles in the garden

Antique bicycle bell


A macro was taken while waiting for the gang outside the entrance

After spending one and a half hour in the garden, we went for lunch. After that we went to Paddy museum. There's nothing much to see in the museum other than the revolving gallery visitors can admire the massive 103m mural without moving an inch.

I only captured 2 photos in the Paddy Museum.

A basket that filled with paddy

An equipment that use to catch fish

After 1 hour in the Paddy Museum, we departed to the Science Museum nearby. No photos was taken in the museum as I was busy exploring around, and actually not much to be snap in the museum as well.

We left the museum and headed back to Penang at around 4 something. Though not many photos were taken that day, yet it's another enjoyable journey with my friends.


Siu KeOnG said...

u good la :) have a fun trip...

Samuel said...

Ok ok lar, it's not a photo shooting trip, so didn't really go to those spots for photo shooting.

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