Friday, March 5, 2010

16/02/2010 - Yunnan, The Province of Mountains, Part 4.2

After lunch, we proceed to our next tourist spot, the Hei Long Tan (黑龙潭) which means Black Dragon Lake in English.

The entrance to the Hei Long Tan

There's a myth saying that, whichever part of your body is sick and you just have to touch on the same part of the body of the lion sculpture, and you will get recover, well, just a myth afterall

Tour group photo

The tour guide said that, if the weather is fine, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain will be reflected on the lake. Too bad I don't have the opportunity to see that

Next, the tour guide brought us to a shop for some sales talk regarding Spirulina (螺旋藻). Well, I have expected for some sales talk as the tour guide will earn some commission from the sales the shop gets.

After spending an hour and a half in the shop, we left the shop and headed to our last tourist spot in Li Jiang - Shu He Gu Zhen (束河古镇), another ancient town that has been preserved in Li Jiang.

Shu He Gu Zhen is not as big and happening as the Li Jiang Gu Cheng (丽江古城, the ancient town of Li Jiang), and I didn't see many people on the street while we were there. But there were some activities going on when I was there; some native are having their native dances in the town center, and visitors are welcomed to join them for the dances.

The town center of the Shu He Gu Zhen

Some volunteers are performing native dances (sorry for the "spooky" photo, due to the slow sync flash, the dancers have became transparent)

A shop that's selling matches

We spent 50 minutes in the town. Honestly, I have not enough time to fully explore the town. Friendly reminder, for those who will be visiting the town, please watch out when you're walking on the street, there might be excrement of horses on the street.

Then, we went to have our last dinner in Li Jiang before we went back to Kunming.

Last dinner in Li Jiang - Fish steamboat


Shashimi~! Nah, need to be cook before eat it

Deep fried fish skin

After the dinner, we headed to the Li Jiang airport to take the flight back to Kunming. The airport is small and crude, nothing much to see, we reached there at 9 something and our flight was supposed to be ready to board at 11:30 PM. Unfortunately, it has been delayed until 12:20 PM, gosh....

By the time we back to Kunming International Airport, it was already 1:10 AM in the morning, and we reached hotel at 2:00 AM. I just had a quick bath and went to bed as it will be another long day tomorrow.


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