Saturday, January 30, 2010

15/01/2010 The Pavillion

2 weeks ago, I went to KL to attend the wedding of a college friend, I have never been to KL for almost 2 years. I reached KL on Friday, while the wedding of my friends falls on Saturday, so I managed to meet a few friends on Friday night for dinner at the Pavillion.

I depart from my friend's house which located at Kepong at 6:30 PM and having some traffic congestion while on our way to PJ to fetch another friend and to the Pavillion. Well, I guess the traffic jam is very common in KL.

We reached The Pavillion at 8:30 PM, and we headed to the Ichiban Boshi restaurant to meet my friends who were waiting there.


The sashimi rice that served with my friend's set dinner with raw salmon, raw tuna and i assume the white one as raw saba fish

My dinner set - Cheese Chicken set

My friend's Black Pepper Chicken rice

The Salmon sashimi that served with my dinner set

Overall, the food is not bad and the price is quite reasonable.

After the dinner, we went to the famous fountain of the Pavillion to have a look since I have never see it before (though I saw it on the magazine before).

The 3 bowls represent 3 major races in Malaysia as my friend told me

As Chinese New Year is drawing close, the building is decorated with many red lanterns

The Pavillion is consider a high class shopping complex to me, as most of the shops in it are selling branded stuff. Yet, I don't have the time to walk around in the Pavillion because it was late and the shops are closing after I finished my dinner with my friends.


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