Monday, November 9, 2009

8/11/2009 Chew Jetty Portrait Photography

Last Sunday, I had a nice outing portrait photo shooting with a big bunch of other photography enthusiasts and a few models. This is the second official portrait shooting since I bought my A200, and the first was already 5 months ago.

The location for the portrait shooting was Chew Jetty which I had visited not long ago.

Below are some of my photos. (Due to larger photo size failed to display in my blog, please click on the photo in order to view the photo in larger size)

Chew Jetty 1

Chew Jetty 4

Chew Jetty Fish 1

Chew Jetty Fish 2

Chew Jetty Gillian 2

Chew Jetty Gillian 1

Chew Jetty Gillian & Pauline 1

Chew Jetty Gillian & Pauline 2

Chew Jetty 2

Chew Jetty 3

Chew Jetty Malyn 1

Chew Jetty Malyn 2

Chew Jetty Malyn 3

Chew Jetty Wendy 1

Chew Jetty Wendy 2

Chew Jetty Wendy 3

Chew Jetty Wendy 4

Chew Jetty 5


Siu KeOnG said...

bro, very nice album, hehe ur creative and skill improve again~hahaha...i like the way u make the photo frame, got your own style :)

Waiting for you next album

Samuel said...

Thanks, but i think i will only use framing like this for portrait.

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